Why Optima

Optima Consulting is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service by utilizing our knowledge, experience, expertise and professionalism.
We will accomplish this by using the traditional and technological infrastructures we have developed to create the most efficient, accurate and cost effective service in the accounting industry.
We do this with strict confidentiality and the interest of our customers in mind.

Clients have reported significant advantages of using Optima Consulting, Inc. Among these are:

  • Substantial cost savings, by not having to maintain an in-house accounting staff, thus eliminating employer tax, workers’ compensation, benefits, training, supplies and other expenses.
  • Improved efficiency. Knowledge and resources base of the firm’s professionals is higher than that of a typical accountant, as Optima Consulting, Inc. hires well experienced accounting specialists, only after rigorous selection process.
  • All around support. Rather than having a separate bookkeeper for day to day transactions, a CPA for month end reports preparation and a tax specialist for tax filings, clients have consolidated all of these functions with Optima Consulting, Inc.

We actually DO love what we do and work day and night to help our clients succeed.

We know the business inside and out and help executives and business owners make informed financial decisions.

We can help you increase profits, improve cash flow, collect more, ensure you are in compliance with all laws.

Give us a chance!